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In Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Programme, there is a provision of free text book distribution to all girls and schedule caste and schedule tribe boys studying in parishadiya primary, upper primary and government schools and aided private schools/Madarsas etc.

The state govt. is providing free text books to all non-SSA category  boys from class 1 to class 8 . Since 2007-08 SSA is providing work books also for class 1 and 2 in Hindi & Maths and for class 3 to 5 in Maths & English to SSA category of children

The Directorate of Basic Education which houses the State Text book office is responsible for ensuring the timely printing and distribution of the Free text-books and timely availability of text books in the market.

  • Specifications of the Job are finalised by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and communicated to the Director, Basic Education and the State Text Book Officer (State text book office).
  • Technical and financial bids are invited for inner text and cover page separately through National Tendering process.
  • A tender committee with the Director, Basic Education, as the Chairperson is constituted with State Textbook officer as the Member Secretary. After the publishers and printers are short listed by the committee on the basis of their technical bids, their financial bids are assessed and the final selection is made.
  • The lowest price quoted by the successful bidder becomes the cost prize for all other successful bidders who agree to work on that lowest price. The price fixed includes the cost of paper, printing, transportation up to the district headquarters in case of textbooks for free distribution, binding, purchase of the textbook cover. Transportion cost is borne by the wholeseller and retailer for books that are sold in the market. The Printers/Publishers give 7.5% discount on the price of the book for free distribution and 1.5%  royalty to Govt. through State Text-Book Office for the number of books for which agreement is made.
  • In order to check the number of copies of textbooks to be printed and right amount of royalty to be paid, printing of the covers is entrusted to private Security presses accredited by the Reserve Bank of India.
  • Each of selected printers is allocated a unique code. This code has to appear near the spine of every textbook printed by the Printers. This serves the dual purpose of monitoring the quality of the printing job by every printer and also reduces the possibility of unauthorised copies of the textbooks from reaching the market.
  • Printers/publishers are given the manuscript on CD-Roms and the corresponding hard copies of the textbooks. In this way, the processing time at the printers end is eliminated and they are in a position to prepare the positives and negatives of the print material, plate making etc. to start printing work immediately. For books which are not given on CD Roms, the printers/publishers are required to make a model copy and get it approved by the subject specialists positioned in State Text book office and the Tender committee.
  • After the printing job is over and the end product is verified for conformity with quality standards laid down for the job, every publishers/printer has to submit alteast five finished copies of the textbook printed by them to Assistant Director (Basic) of that Region and EBSA of that district.

Once text books clear quality test to meet the standards of quality control and the specified number of copies are found to match print order, the AD (Basic) and Basic Shiksha Adhikari releases the books for sale in the districts and for free distribution.


No. of Titles (Books per class)


No. Of Titles (Books)   


No. Of Titles (Books)


3 (2 Workbook)




4 (2 Workbook)




7 (2 Workbook)




 8 (2 Workbook)


*Scout Guide and Shiksha (Classes 6, 7, 8) is one book which is taught in classes 6, 7, 8


8 (2 Workbook)







Specification in Force for Publishing/Printing Text books

YearSpecifications for InsideSpecifications for CoverTrimmed Size
PaperSizeNo. Of ColourPaper SizeNo. Of Colour
2006-07Sheet/ reel paper recycled pulp paper
    60 gsm
50.8 cm. x 76.2 cm.   

4175 gsm53.34 cm. x 78.74 cm.4
Two colours for maths book of class 6, 7 and 8
18.41cm.  x 24.13 cm.

*There are 30 titles for class 1-5 and 40 titles for class 6-8 of Nationalised Textbooks in Hindi medium and 15 title for class 1-5 and 18 titles for class 6-8 of national textbook in Urdu Medium.

Recently Provision for

Free text books distribution to the girls studying in KGBV (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya) of Uttar Pradesh has been made since the year 2009-10. All DIETS are also being provided 10 sets of Text Books for refence during training programmes.

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